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About the Artist  

Tomisin Oluwole is a poet, painter, fashion stylist, and occasional photographer: a modern-day renaissance woman. Well known for her personal style and creativity, she obtained her degree in Fashion Merchandising from California State University, Long Beach and likes to reflect this element in her vivid choice of words as presented in her debut book, Half Past in the A.M., a literary collection of poetry and short stories that invites the reader to explore one’s many selves. When it comes to her paintings, Tomisin is especially fascinated by colors and the abstract. Born and raised in Nigeria, she currently studies and lives in California.

Artist Statement 

I find that I am constantly drawn to the abstract, to symbols and metaphors that beautifully mask the hidden, and to nature. My subject matter is primarily centered on the self, and ideas that indirectly evoke feelings of self. I especially love using unusual contours and vibrant colors to create different perspectives on the faces we see, the faces I see. The intent is for my art to inspire curiosity as well as a warm sense of familiarity, simultaneously.

An artist at ease. Welcome to my space!